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Leah Minks Photography Order Form
Leah Minks Photography Order Form

Leah Minks' Photography is available for sale by check only. Please review the images below, then print out the order sheet, indicate the photos you want and their size, then mail the sheet with a check to Leah Minks Photography, 83 Second St. Apt. 3, Turners Falls, MA 01376.

Prices for matted prints:

Leah Minks Photography
Size Style Price
8"x10" Matted Print $20.00
11"x14" Matted Print $75.00
16"x20" Matted Print $125.00

Two Dollars ($2.00) of Every Print Purchase Will Be Given to the Food Pantries in the U.S.A

Thank You For Giving This Thoughtful Gift!

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